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Alcohol Technical Defence

Download the Alcohol Questionnaire…

Bloodstain Pattern Analysis & Interpretation

Bloodstain experts routinely carry out interpretation of bloodstain patterns at scenes of…

Body Fluids (Semen, Saliva, Urine etc)

The distribution, presence or absence of body fluids, such as semen and saliva or cells shed…

Cell Site Analysis

Cell Site Analysis is a technique used to determine which cells a mobile telephone is likely to…

Chemistry & Chemical Analysis

Detection, identification, quantitation or comparison of substances based on their chemistry…

Computing & Digital Evidence

Digital evidence is everywhere.  We have seen an explosion in the everyday use of digital…

Damaged Clothing

How damage to clothing has been caused can be important in assault cases. Under microscopic…

DNA Profiling

The ability of DNA profiling to link an individual to an incident, means that it is often a key…

Drugs & Toxicology

Our experts in this field regularly advise on all manner of drug- and toxicology-related issues of…

Electronic Tags (Personal Identification Devices)

“Tags”, also called a Personal Identification Devices, or PIDs, are used…

Engineering Measurements

Our engineering experts are often asked to prepare reports where specific measurements need to…

Explosions & Explosives

Our Explosions and Explosives experts' experience is diverse and involves cases brought under…

Fingerprint Experts

Despite a longstanding belief that fingerprint identifications are the ‘gold standard’ of…

Fire Investigation

The work of our Fire Investigation experts usually involves determining where, when and how a…

Firearms & Ballistics

Bring the extensive experience of the Keith Borer Consultants team of Firearms Experts to any…

Firearms Residues

The analysis and interpretation of gunshot residues by our experts allows us to determine if a…

Footwear Marks

Keith Borer Consultants’ footwear experts carry out many footwear mark and shoe comparisons…

Forensic Strategy Review

Our Forensic Strategy Review experts have broad forensic knowledge combined with extensive case…

Glass Fragments & Materials Transfer

Our Glass Experts can analyse glass from a scene and compare it to that which has been found on…

Hair Analysis

Our Hair Comparison experts can undertake hair analysis using low power microscopy. The level of…

Handwriting Comparison & Questioned Document Examination

Dorothy Allan, Louise Floate and Karen Caramiello are highly experienced forensic…

Health & Safety

Health & Safety is an important area for everyone but, unfortunately, accidents including…

Mobile Phone Attribution & Connection Record Charting

Phone attribution reports are commonly found in large-scale drug and organised crime prosecutions.…

Mobile Phones, Tablets & Wearables

As mobile telephones become more powerful and multifunctional, the wealth of evidence they can…

Multi-disciplinary cases

Our experts have considerable experience in multi-disciplinary cases, involving more than one…

Paints & Other Surface Coatings

Our paint experts and surface coatings experts are specialists in the transfer of paint and…

Personal Injury

Accidents happen in the workplace, in public places and in the home. Personal injury matters…

Physical Fits

Keith Borer Consultants employs physical fit experts that can determine whether two items,…

Road Traffic Accidents (RTA)

Our Road Traffic Accident Experts (RTA Experts) are trained, skilled and experienced in preparing…

Textile Fibre Analysis

At Keith Borer Consultants we have Textile Fibre Experts who can assist with your case.

Tool & Weapon Marks

Tool marks are made when a hard surface is brought into forcible contact with a softer material…


At Keith Borer Consultants we employ CCTV Experts, Video Experts and Facial Recognition Experts…


Keith Borer Consultants has reported on many cases which include stamping or kicking allegations…

What our customers say...

  • Helpfulness from always timely, pleasant and helpful first contact to conclusion of case.

    Solicitor, July 2021
  • Service was excellent throughout.

    Solicitor, August 2020
  • Good service, prompt, efficient, have used many times in the past.

    Solicitor, April 2020
  • Value for money.

    Solicitor, May 2020
  • Mr Appleby’s DNA report and the way in which he broke complex issues down was very much appreciated and greatly assisted in my cross-examination. I would have no hesitation in seeking his expert guidance again in the future.

    Barrister, June 2021
  • Speedy and detailed quotes which do not delay funding from LAA.

    Solicitor, December 2020
  • Would definitely use you again; very impressed.

    Solicitor, November 2020
  • Nigel Cook was incredibly thorough, professional and responded to my emails/questions very promptly.

    Barrister, June 2021
  • Your (cell site) reports and maps were extremely helpful.

    Barrister, February 2021 ​​​​​​
  • Quick response with quote and report.

    Solicitor, August 2021
  • Ross Donnelly has been so helpful and professional at all times. We haven’t enough positive things to say about him.

    Solicitor, July 2021
  • Quick and easy service. Clear and concise statement provided by the expert.

    Private instruction, September 2021
  • Speedy quotes and timely delivery of reports.

    Solicitor, August 2021
  • Prompt responses, excellent handwriting experts.

    Solicitor, May 2021
  • Always provide detailed quotes to assist with applying for authority from LAA. Quick response and good communication.

    Solicitor, March 2021
  • Excellent, as usual.

    Solicitor, September 2020
  • I chose this company, as the first point of contact was extremely helpful.

    Private instruction, September 2020
  • I have been instructing KBC for over 15 years and have always been happy with the service, contact from experts and quality of the reports.

    Solicitor, December 2020
  • Prompt and Professional and produces excellent reports.

    Solicitor, September 2020
  • Quick, expert and accurate.

    Solicitor, July 2020
  • Quick, efficient service and a well-prepared report.

    Solicitor, July 2020
  • Very impressed; would use again.

    Barrister, April 2021
  • Reliable, professional & very helpful. Helen Davey is a class act

    Solicitor, August 2021
  • Telephone communications were very helpful when we were not able to contact the expert directly. The call takers were knowledgeable as to the case and what was required and answered any queries we had.

    Solicitor, September 2020
  • Quick, professional, friendly, comprehensive.

    Prison Governor, June 2020
  • Courteous and informative.

    Solicitor, December 2020
  • I was able to have a meaningful conversation with a specialist when obtaining a quote for the work.

    Solicitor, June 2020
  • Provided quotes quickly and complied with court timescales.

    Solicitor, December 2020
  • Mrs Allan was most informative and provided explanations where required. A very professional attitude.

    Private Client, March 2021
  • We have always received professional and high standards of services. Reports are produced promptly and communications responded to without delay.

    Solicitor, September 2020
  • Recently listened to a podcast of one of the experts and was impressed with content.

    Solicitor, July 2021
  • Brilliant communication, my emails were promptly answered.

    Private instruction, September 2020
  • Many thanks for the report which is excellent.

    Solicitor, August 2021
  • Friendly, approachable, amenable, accommodating, professional.

    Instructing party, April 2021
  • Past experience has taught us that KBC is the go-to expert witness service.

    Solicitor, March 2021
  • I don’t think the service could be improved upon or bettered in any way.

    Private Instruction, November 2020
  • Exceptionally efficient service.

    Solicitor, December 2020
  • Mr Brown was very good, he explained all the relevant toxicology issues, which can be complicated, and also explained them to the Court.

    Solicitor, June 2021
  • I am impressed by the efficiency and quality of the computer forensic reports. You are always my first port of call.

    Solicitor, May 2021
  • Mr Prime was very good at court in explaining concepts to the jury and presenting his evidence. I would have no hesitation in using him again and recommending him to others.

    Barrister, June 2021
  • Reliable and excellent communication to ensure that the work requested can be undertaken and processed efficiently.

    Solicitor, August 2021
  • Gregg Beatson was professional, knowledgeable and gave his opinion well.

    Counsel, June 2021
  • No question was too silly and everything was explained so clearly and easily; great customer service.

    Private instruction, September 2020
  • Regular contact, advice on hand via phone if necessary, prompt and efficient.

    Solicitor, August 2020
  • Clear advice given at start and very prompt response.

    Private Client, March 2021
  • Really happy with all aspects of this case and would definitely recommend this company. Thank you.

    Private instruction, September 2020
  • Easy access to experts; excellent communication and advice, as required.

    Solicitor, September 2020
  • I have worked with Mr Donnelly in many cases over the years and his expertise, presentation of written work and ability in the witness box is second to none.

    Counsel, November 2020
  • Thank you very much once again for your excellent service.

    Solicitor, March 2021
  • Speedy responses to our instructions and questions asked. Helpful estimated timeframe for the service of reports.

    Solicitor, January 2021
  • Karl Ebejer was always prompt with responses and was very helpful.

    Solicitor, August 2020
  • Provided very comprehensive response to initial fire investigation enquiry, which guided what we needed.

    Solicitor, May 2021
  • Judge gave favourable comments on Dr Ash's balanced approach.

    Barrister, June 2021
  • Website was very informative.  First contact was knowledgeable and efficient. The report was delivered in record time - very impressed!

    Solicitor, January 2021
  • Fast response and work turnover time; great customer service.

    Solicitor, November 2020
  • Communication and speed of delivery of information was, as always, excellent.

    Solicitor, April 2020
  • Simon Bunter was excellent in evidence and dealt with the cross examination very well. He was adept at handling the questions and was professional in his delivery. He was well prepared and thorough.

    Barrister, May 2021
  • A thorough analysis, with well set out conclusions.

    Solicitor, July 2020
  • Mr Frost has been a great help in this case and we really appreciate his assistance.

    Solicitor, February 2021
  • Mr Fagan was readily available to answer queries very promptly and worked to a tight time limit. He was also extremely helpful in trying circumstances surrounding a refusal by the prosecution to release exhibits.

    Solicitor, April 2021
  • We have used your services on many previous occasions. You always provide the cheapest estimate and respond quicker than any other service provider we have contacted for the purposes of Legal Aid.

    Solicitor, January 2021
  • Excellent DNA knowledge. Good turn around speed and communication.

    Solicitor, May 2021
  • I find KBC invariably helpful and reliable.

    Solicitor, December 2020
  • Superlative quality of experts and understanding of the particular challenges facing solicitors’ firms.

    Solicitor, July 2021
  • I always choose you because of the fast, efficient and excellent work you do.

    Solicitor, April 2021
  • Extremely helpful, efficient and above all thoroughly professional.

    Solicitor, December 2020
  • Experts are always happy to discuss matters prior to providing report.

    Solicitor, December 2020
  • Easy to contact, quick responses (particularly in the current circumstances), very helpful staff.

    Solicitor, April 2020
  • Excellent client care and service.

    Solicitor, August 2020
  • I chose KBC because it has a good reputation and the price is very fair.

    Private client, April 2021
  • Andrew Dampier provided first class service in the form of reports and maps. He was able to explain the report in good layman’s terms and was also available to take calls and provide further information to counsel.

    Barrister, January 2021
  • Swift and timely report – kept in touch throughout the process – happy to discuss the matter further over the phone.

    Solicitor, August 2021
  • Good admin - chasing up correspondence. Quick preparation of report. Easy access to expert for clarification purposes.

    Solicitor, April 2021
  • Good communication, fast quote and service of drink drive report.

    Solicitor, May 2021
  • Very quick response to queries raised following receipt of report. Very helpful.

    Solicitor, January 2021
  • My impression of your service was excellent.

    Private Instruction, November 2020
  • Thank you very much, I am grateful and impressed with your service.

    Solicitor, January 2021
  • I am extremely grateful to you for all your work on this case, in particular your prompt and helpful responses to my repeated requests.

    Barrister, February 2021
  • Mr Dunnill’s report was helpful and our conference at Court informative; I would certainly be happy to use him in a case again.

    Barrister, December 2020
  • We have used KBC on many occasions in the past and have always had a reliable service.

    Solicitor, April 2020
  • Very approachable.

    Solicitor, November 2020
  • Please pass on my thanks to Ross Donnelly for everything - top job!

    Counsel, July 2021
  • Report well presented. Concise and precise.

    Solicitor, February 2021
  • There is no question that your input was instrumental in persuading the Defendants to alter their stance.

    Solicitor, September 2020
  • Mr Ebejer was always very professional and friendly.

    Solicitor, August 2020
  • Mrs Morley was very good and a strong defence witness.

    Solicitor, April 2021
  • Our lawyer is most impressed with your report.

    Instructing party, Guyana, April 2021
  • Great communication, very informative and quick turnaround.

    Solicitor, August 2021
  • I find your service prompt, efficient and helpful. Alan was particularly helpful and rang me to discuss issues. I was able to understand clearly what he was outlining and think he will be an asset to the defence case.

    Solicitor, April 2021
  • I was told you were the best at what you did. I honestly believe I got what was required.

    Private client, July 2020
  • Provided helpful information above and beyond what was expected.

    Solicitor, February 2021
  • Extremely efficient in all respects.

    Solicitor, August 2021
  • We have used your company numerous times and have always received very well written and easy to understand reports.

    Solicitor, March 2021
  • Knowledgeable, helpful and polite.

    Solicitor, June 2020

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