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Our Team

Adrian Armstrong


Mr Armstrong joined Keith Borer Consultants in 2016 as a Forensic Engineer.  Customer feedback describes him as "an impressive witness".  He was previously employed as a Senior Collision Investigator in the police responsible for attending and…

Alan Henderson

BSc(Hons), CChem, MRSC, MCSFS

Alan Henderson has been a forensic scientist since 1990 and specialises in cases involving:  footwear marks, glass, paint and other particulates, textile fibres, fires and accelerants, and some aspect of firearms work.  Customers say he is "…

Andrew Farley MBE


Andrew Farley has been involved in the field of imagery analysis since 1987 and specialises in the use of still images and video to identify people/objects, to analyse events/actions and provide image improvement and presentation.

Ann Kiernan

BSc(Hons), MSc

Ann Kiernan has been a Forensic Scientist since 2001, specialising in Firearms examination since 2003.  She joined Keith Borer Consultants in February 2011 from LGC Forensics where she was a Lead Reporting Scientist in Firearms & Tool Marks…

Catherine Tweedy

BSc(Hons), CBiol

Catherine Tweedy has been a forensic scientist since 1995, specialising in: fingerprint evidence cases, handwriting and signature cases. She has conducted research into the longevity of fingerprints on various surfaces in exposed environments.…

Dorothy Allan

BSc(Hons), MCSFS

Dorothy Allan has been a forensic scientist since 1987 and specialises in: handwriting and signature cases; cases involving footwear and other marks; glass, fibres and other particulates.

Dr David Schudel


Dr David Schudel has been employed as a forensic scientist since 1991 specialising in forensic chemistry (including drug analysis), fire investigation and cell site analysis. He has worked in the UK, USA and Cayman Islands and given expert…

Dr Duncan Woods


If you need a challenging forensic expert who can assess the overall forensic issues in your case, Dr Duncan Woods has almost 30 years’ experience.  He is chief scientist at Keith Borer Consultants and has led the technical development of the…

Dr Guy Cooper

BSc(Hons), PhD, CChem, MRSC

Dr Cooper has a background in chemistry, microscopy and mineral physics. He mainly specialises in the comparison of footwear and tool marks, and cases involving the transfer of particulate materials such as glass and paint fragments. These…

Dr Hayley Ash


Hayley Ash joined Keith Borer Consultants as a forensic scientist and engineer in November 2000.  She prepares reports on a broad range of engineering matters including road traffic accidents, cases in which engineering measurements are…

Dr Helen Davey


Dr Davey has been a forensic biologist since 1994.  For six years she was a senior scientist at the Forensic Science Service Laboratory, Huntingdon.  She specialises in Blood Pattern Analysis, the interpretation of DNA profiling results including…

James (Jim) Keenan


James (Jim) Keenan has been a road accident investigation expert for over twenty years, first with Merseyside police and since 2006, with Keith Borer Consultants.  He leads the team of road incident experts at KBC whose services are sought in…

Jennefer Gray

BSc(Hons), MSc, TIFireE, MRSC

Jennefer Gray specialises in forensic chemistry casework including explosives and explosive devices, fire investigations, gunshot residues and incapacitant sprays. She also reports on alcohol BAC calculations, drink drive procedure and alcohol-…

John Tarpey


John Tarpey has been a telecommunications specialist since 1987.  He has worked as a Forensic Cell Site Analysis Engineer since 2006.

Mr Tarpey has been described as "straightforward, robust and likeable" by a customer.  He

Julian Dunnill


Julian Dunnill specialises in matters involving controlled and medicinal drugs and has extensive expertise in many areas relating to drug seizures, including drug synthesis/production, new psychoactive substances, methodologies of drug…

Karl Ebejer


Mr Ebejer has a background in biology, chemistry and quality.  He works mainly on cases involving analytical chemistry, drugs and alcohol technical defences.  Although his particular specialty is trace detection (e.g. drugs on banknotes), Mr…

Lee Fagan


Lee Fagan has been a forensic scientist with Keith Borer Consultants since 1997 and specialises in cases involving body fluids, blood stain patterns and DNA profiling evidence; including advanced probabilistic genotype assessment of complex mixed…

Louise Floate

Mrs Floate is an expert in handwriting and questioned document evidence and has been a forensic scientist since 1982.  She joined Keith Borer Consultants in 2018, having previously worked for the Forensic Science Service (FSS), where she was a…

Mark Henderson


Mark Henderson graduated from Durham University with a First Class Honours degree in Computer Science in 2012.  He is a member of the digital forensics team at Keith Borer Consultants and specialises in the extraction and examination of data from…

Michael Prime


Michael Prime is an approachable and knowledgeable Road Traffic Incident Investigator who joined Keith Borer Consultants in 2016. He has over 25 years' experience of the investigation of serious and fatal road traffic collisions involving many…

Mike Appleby


Mike Appleby joined Keith Borer Consultants in January 2011, having built up 30 years of experience as a forensic biologist with the Forensic Science Service, at their Aldermaston, London and Chepstow laboratories.

Nigel Cook

Nigel Cook joined Keith Borer Consultants in 2014 and primarily works on cases involving photographic and video evidence. This includes the identification of people or objects and the analysis of events or actions. He also undertakes photographic…

Orla Sower

BSc(Hons), MSc, MCSFS

Orla Sower has been a forensic scientist since 2003 and specialises in the interpretation of body fluid stains, blood pattern analysis and the interpretation of DNA profiles. She is Manager of KBC’s laboratory facilities.

Paul Wilson

BSc(Hons), MSc

Paul Wilson brings an international perspective to his work with Keith Borer Consultants having previously worked as a DNA expert in the USA.  His case work has expanded at Keith Borer Consultants to include evaluation of a wide range of forensic…

Rebecca Burnett

BSc(Hons), MBCS

Miss Burnett is a Digital Forensic Investigator at Keith Borer Consultants.  She was awarded a Bachelor of Science with First Class Honours in Digital and Computer Forensics. She is also a Member of the British Computer Society.  Keith Borer…

Richard Brown


Richard Brown specialises in alcohol, drug and toxicology casework including drink-drive/drug-drive cases, illicit drug seizures, analysis for toxicology evidence (blood, urine, hair testing) and issues pertaining to custody matters in family…

Ross Donnelly


Ross Donnelly is IT Manager and a Digital Forensic Investigator at Keith Borer Consultants.  He specialises in computer and network infrastructure including servers, and has prepared over 300 reports, predominantly for criminal cases but also for…

Ryan Knight


Ryan Knight specialises in the extraction and examination of electronic digital devices including the examination of mobile telephone equipment and records.  He has the following qualifications and memberships: BSc First Class Honours (Digital…

Sarah Morley

BSc(Hons), MSc

Sarah Morley has worked as a forensic scientist with Keith Borer Consultants since 1997 and specialises in alcohol and drugs-related casework.  Sarah prepares reports for criminal cases and also receives instructions in civil, family and…

Simon Bunter


Simon Bunter specialises in testing the strength and validity of alleged fingerprint ‘identifications’. His expertise also covers how and when items were touched, including fingerprints that were innocently placed 10 years…

Steve Guest


Steve Guest has over twenty years of experience in computer forensics, working full time in that field since 1998, initially as the head of the Hi-tec Crime unit for North Yorkshire Police.  In 2008 he joined Keith Borer Consultants, where he is…

Thomas Marryat


Thomas Marryat joined Keith Borer Consultants in 2007 as a digital device specialist. He has expertise in cell site analysis and the examination of mobile telephones, tablets and other small scale digital devices.  His work includes the…

What our customers say...

  • Mr Armstrong was excellent in every respect.  I will seek to instruct him in every future RTA case.

    Mr Gray, Drystone Chambers - November 2016.
  • Julian Dunnill’s professionalism is very, very good. His knowledge is without parallel.

    Mr Nowell, Finn Gledhill Solicitors – September 2017.
  • You are considered the ‘go to’ expert service within our firm.

    Mr Tismond, Taylor Goodchild Solicitors – January 2018
  • Everyone who works at KBC is extremely friendly and helpful. The reports are always quality.

    Mr Warburton, Jones Knowles Warburton Solicitors - February 2017.
  • Mr Bunter was fantastic.

    Ms Maxwell, Allen Hoole Solicitors – February 2018
  • Many thanks, Duncan, for the quick turnaround. I can always rely on KBC!

    Mr Kampanella, E B R Attridge Solicitors - November 2016.
  • Quick and clear report.

    Mr Surzyn, P C B Solicitors - March 2017.
  • Report was delivered on time as promised.

    Mr Jones, Steel & Shamash Solicitors - December 2017
  • Consistent quality service in speedy timeframe.

    Ms Jones, McKenzies Solicitors - November 2016.
  • Very efficient and in close contact.

    Ms Roberts, Bernard Chill & Axtell Solicitors - May 2016.
  • We have been extremely impressed with your work throughout the entire course of the proceedings.

    Mr Maher, Patterson Law - November 2017
  • Good quality work.

    Ms Ridge, Howells Solicitors - December 2017
  • Competitive price – within LAA Standards; approachable, polite staff and great expert.

    Ms McKernan, Lawtons Solicitors – January 2018
  • I don't know what you are paying Alan Henderson, but I'd say it isn't enough.

    Stuart Duke, Tuckers Solicitors - November 2017
  • Your firm remains my first choice for collision expert reports.

    Mr Maher, Patterson Law - November 2017
  • Always helpful. Detailed reports.

    Ms Hall, Alderson Law LLP - March 2017.
  • Have used several times previously and always had excellent service from Keith Borer Consultants.

    Ms Thompson, John H Smith Solicitors – August 2017.
  • Guy Cooper’s written report, oral evidence and the manner in which he presented it were instrumental in achieving a successful outcome to the matter.

    Mr Scott, 3 Temple Gardens Chambers - January 2017.
  • Very good testimony on all accounts; measured and reasonable.  There is nothing I would change about Mr Dunnill’s evidence or manner in giving it.

    Mr Penman, KBW Chambers - January 2018
  • Cheapest and clearest quote.

    Mr Mock, Everett Tomlin Lloyd & Pratt Solicitors - June 2016.
  • Alan Henderson was absolutely fantastic.

    Mr Wood, Appleby Hope & Matthews Solicitors – October 2017
  • Great customer care.

    Ms Mascord, Duncan Lewis & Co Solicitors - March 2016.
  • Very good, in fact excellent!

    Ms Thompson, Brockbanks Solicitors – February 2018
  • Mr Prime was excellent in all respects. A very professional witness. I will be recommending him to chambers.

    Ged Doran, Barrister, Lincoln House Chambers - June 2016.
  • Very efficient and helpful to deal with.

    Mr Burke, David Burke & Company Solicitors - January 2017.
  • Able to quickly speak to the people dealing with the matter.

    Mr Lloyd, The Lee Rigby Partnership Solicitors - November 2016.
  • Exceptionally quick turnaround time.

    Mr Whittaker, Walsh Solicitors - March 2017.
  • Very impressed with Dr Davey’s professionalism.

    Mr Britton, Mohammed Rustam Khan Solicitors - June 2016.
  • Highly professional service; exceeded a very tight deadline.

    Mr Mather, Patterson Law Solicitors - June 2017.
  • High quality reports.

    Ms Schaefer, L P Evans Solicitors - January 2017.
  • Impressed with all aspects – knowledge, presentation, lines of communication.

    Mr Tongue, The Johnson Partnership Solicitors – January 2018
  • John Tarpey is straightforward, robust, likeable (generally and in the presentation of his evidence) and very knowledgeable about his subject.

    DCI Hawkes, Bedfordshire Police – August 2017.
  • Quick response, organised, very professional.

    Mr McCloskey, Robert Murtagh & Co Solicitors - April 2016.
  • Mrs Tweedy was extremely professional, expert and helpful.

    Mr Giollaiosa O’Lideadha SC, The Law Library of Ireland - April 2017.
  • Mr Armstrong delivered clear and cogent evident and was an impressive witness.

    Mr Emery, Emery Halil & Brown Solicitors - May 2017.
  • Communication with your office was always efficient and prompt.

    Ms Lord, Pritchard Joyce & Hinds - November 2016.
  • Cheapest and clearest quote.

    Mr Mock, Everett Tomlin Lloyd & Pratt Solicitors - June 2016.
  • Ease of communication, rapid response to queries.

    Ms Moore, Jim Rafferty Solicitor - March 2017.
  • Very impressive and thoroughly excellent performance in the witness box.

    Mr Alonsi, Black Chambers – February 2018
  • Adrian Armstrong was excellent both in terms of the quality of his report and his general approach.

    Ms Thompson, Waterfords Solicitors - March 2017.
  • Julian Dunnill’s professionalism is very, very good. His knowledge is without parallel.

    Mr Nowell, Finn Gledhill Solicitors – September 2017.
  • Mr Brown’s report was excellent and I have no doubt this contributed in no small part to the result.

    Ms Tracy Reynolds, James Murray Solicitors - September 2016.
  • Alan Henderson is always contactable, his work is always impeccable and juries have always liked him.

    Stuart Duke, Tuckers Solicitors - November 2017
  • Very approachable.

    Ms Hunt, Wiseman Lee LLP Solicitors - May 2017.
  • A comprehensive report produced within a reasonable timescale, well within times approved by the court.

    Mr Walker, Walker & Co Solicitors - July 2016.
  • The efficiency of the service is excellent.

    Mr Neilan, Connolly Finan Fleming Solicitors - March 2016.
  • We compared you with another less costly service, but considered you to be more professional.

    Mr Brady, Davey Law – February 2018
  • Very prompt service and very professional.

    Ms Gill Francis, Stephensons Solicitors LLP - September 2016.
  • I am grateful for Richard Brown’s assistance in this matter.  It is surprisingly difficult to find experts who are not only experts in their field, but who report their findings and conclusions in such a coherent manner.

    Dr Shane Hausfield, EBR Attridge LLP - June 2016.
  • Very efficient, maintained contact and provided updates.

    Ms Naylor, Redfearns Solicitors - April 2016.
  • Alan Henderson is a leading expert in his field and I have used him for a number of serious cases over the years.

    Stuart Duke, Tuckers Solicitors - November 2017
  • Compassionate and professional attitude.

    Private client – March 2018
  • Renowned expertise.

    Mr Reid, Gerard Maguire Solicitors - June 2016.
  • The service we have received is 5* and very much appreciated.

    Ms Bradley, E C Lidster & Co Solicitors - November 2017
  • Consistently good reports.

    Ms Williams, Red Kite Law LLP Solicitors - August 2016.
  • Mr Armstrong was a pleasure to work with, extremely professional and generous with his time and expertise.

    Ms Hughes, Hughes Murphy Solicitors - April 2017.
  • KBC routinely provide top quality assistance in drug drive matters.

    Mr Dormer, Nelson Guest & Partners Solicitors - July 2016.
  • Would use the service again with no hesitation.

    Mr Glover, Pringle Law Limited – January 2018
  • Communication overall was excellent.

    Ms Stevens, Coroner’s Office Northern Ireland - May 2017.
  • Mr Tarpey was very helpful and approachable; he made a complex matter very simple for the jury.

    Ms Hudson, Bullivant Law Solicitors & Advocates – November 2017
  • The right expert for the job.

    Mr Short, Plexus Law Limited - March 2016.
  • I was impressed by the time and detail taken in producing the proposal of (cell site analysis) work which made it really easy to understand how the service was going to help us.

    Ms Pattni, London Borough of Brent Council - December 2017
  • Alan Henderson was excellent from beginning to end.

    Mr Cameron, McLennan Adam Davis Solicitors - June 2017.
  • Quick, accurate and easy to speak to expert instructed (Mr Tarpey).

    Ms Ripley, JSP Law Solicitors & Advocates - December 2017
  • Mr Brown was excellent in Court.  His evidence was extremely helpful – the District Judge even commented so in his pronouncement.

    Ms Perrin, Roy Foreman & Co Solicitors - June 2016.
  • The service Ryan Knight provided was excellent.

    Mr Chadwick, Robert Lizar Solicitors – January 2018
  • Mr Prime was able to provide assistance with matters as they arose, which was invaluable.

    Ms Clasper, Beecham Peacock Solicitors – November 2017
  • Alan Henderson was an excellent witness; very professional, very well versed in his own field and excellent in presenting matters to the jury.  I would not hesitate to use him again in similar cases or recommend his services to others.

    Mr Peter Corrigan, Carmelite Chambers - June 2016.
  • Always very quick, but also thorough and well written. Always very professional.

    Ms Burgess, L P Evans Solicitors – November 2017
  • Local, efficient, competitive and quick.

    Mr Hodgson, Hodgson Coulthard & Co Solicitors – February 2018
  • I use KBC regularly and trust the results.

    Mr Mellody, M K Law Solicitors - April 2017.
  • Speed, approachability, professional but friendly north east ethos.

    Mr Harris, Foys Solicitors - December 2016.
  • Reading through your website gave us confidence.

    Mrs Henry, Private Client - May 2017.
  • Mr Donnelly was extremely helpful and the report was prepared very promptly.

    Ms Clasper, Beecham Peacock Solicitors - January 2017.
  • Pleasant and efficient replies and support by all staff.

    Mr Jepson, GWB Harthills Solicitors – November 2017
  • Good and early access to the expert; very fast turn around on report.

    Mr Hatton, Broudie Jackson & Canter Solicitors - July 2016.
  • Clarity of communications.

    Mr Patterson, Howard Bernstein Solicitors – October 2017
  • Everyone concerned went out of their way to provide an extremely prompt and efficient service.

    Ms Elgy, Hewitts Solicitors - January 2017.
  • Helpfully swift responses – in respect of both fee estimates and reports.

    Mr Hayler, Old Bailey Solicitors – January 2018
  • Quality, well informed report.

    Mr Walker, Eaton Smith LLP - May 2016.
  • Pretty impressive work done by Ann Kiernan.

    Mr Dugan, Adams Whyte Solicitors - October 2016.
  • Mr Keenan is clearly an expert in his field of the highest order and I would not hesitate to recommend him to others or use him in any other case.

    Mr John Weate, RMNJ Solicitors - June 2016.
  • Efficient and organised; reasonable quote.

    Mr Nash, Noble Solicitors - July 2016.
  • Able to act fast and produce good reports for the court.

    Ms Knaggs, Brown Beer Nixon Mallon Solicitors - May 2017.
  • Will definitely use KBC again.

    Ms Bhamra, B M V Solicitors - May 2017.
  • Keep doing what you do.

    Mr Ripley, Cohen Cramer Solicitors – November 2017
  • Mr Dunnill was excellent and I would definitely use him again.

    Ms Francis, St James Solicitors - September 2016.
  • Responded efficiently with clear advice.

    Ms Lyon, Pickup & Scott Solicitors - December 2017
  • Extremely knowledgeable; helped in achieving a super result for our client.

    Mr Dormer, Nelson Guest & Partners Solicitors - September 2016.
  • Your experts were first class.

    Mr Hackett, Sheridan & Leonard Solicitors - March 2016.
  • The attention to detail in Mr Tarpey’s preparation and his knowledge of the case shone through when he was cross-examined.

    Mr Thomas QC, Lincoln House Chambers – February 2018
  • Always our first choice due to the assistance given.

    Mr Hodnett, Sheppards Solicitors Ltd - May 2017.
  • Quick, knowledgeable and easy to deal with.

    Ms Conway, Howard Bernstein & Co Solicitors – July 2017.
  • John Tarpey's evidence was critical to the success of this case.

    Mr Thomas QC, Lincoln House Chambers – February 2018
  • Richard Brown’s knowledge of the subject matter was excellent, his report clear and detailed, and his explanations … instilled confidence.  I would happily use him again.

    Mr Ryan, Apex Chambers – February 2018
  • Very useful expert in the context of the case; professional/pleasant to deal with.

    Mr Hollingsworth, 2 Kings Bench Walk - July 2016.
  • KBC’s efficiency never ceases to amaze me!

    Mr Barnes, Allington Hughes Solicitors – January 2018
  • As always, I am entirely satisfied by the services provided by your company.  These are provided to the highest level.

    Mr Turner, Hewitts Solicitors – January 2018
  • Fast response, friendly, clear explanations of requirements and findings at all stages.

    Ms Hullock, Hullock & Co Solicitors - February 2017.
  • I found Paul Wilson to be excellent in every way.  I would have no hesitation in recommending him as a first class expert in the proper analysis of DNA profiles.

    Ms McDermott, Barrister, The Bar of Northern Ireland - October 2016.
  • Mark Henderson was always available to discuss the case.

    Ms Cath McClenan, Paisleys Solicitors - June 2017.
  • Excellent expertise, helpful service and quick turnaround.

    Mr Maher, Patterson Law Solicitors – October 2017
  • Always receive a prompt and efficient service.

    Ms Cath McClenan, Paisleys Solicitors - June 2017.
  • Prompt and clear expert advice.

    Mr Hashmi, A B V Solicitors - December 2016.
  • Gave a very knowledgeable and detailed account which no doubt assisted in securing the successful appeal.

    Mr Wills, Drystone Chambers, November 2017
  • Lee Fagan was a pleasure to work with: very straightforward and thorough.

    Mr Hanna, John J Rice & Co Solicitors – October 2017
  • Expert always contactable and very helpful (Alan Henderson).

    Ms McKernan, Lawtons Solicitors – January 2018
  • I found your expert extremely pleasant and she gave her evidence confidently and knowledgably.

    Mr Priestley, Opus Law - January 2017.
  • Always reliable; thorough reports.

    Ms Hall, Alderson Law LLP – September 2017.
  • That is a very good statement; please thank Ms Kiernan for me.

    Mr Stojsavljevic, Berkeley Square Solicitors - December 2017
  • Speed and quality of service.

    Mr Keshvala, Hine Solicitors - March 2016.
  • Easy and quick to contact the company and speak to the expert or a member of their team.

    Ms Roberts, Lewis Nedas Law Limited - October 2016.
  • Very prompt professional service.

    Mr Gaubert, Favell Smith & Lawson Solicitors – November 2017
  • Cost effective, reliable and professional.

    Ms Hudson, Bullivant Law Solicitors & Advocates – October 2017
  • Ann Kiernan was excellent.

    Mr Williams, Exchange Chambers - March 2017.
  • Prompt, succinct, communicative and pleasant to deal with.

    Mr Berg, Cox Burley Solicitors – January 2018
  • The right expert for the job.

    Ms Dinoff, B L M Solicitors - February 2017.
  • Used you many times previously and the service is always exceptional.

    Mr Barnes, Allington Hughes Solicitors – January 2018
  • Thank you so much for your impeccable service.

    Ms McCarthy, Brian Jackson & Co Solicitors – November 2017
  • We always find the company to be financially accessible, very professional and helpful; you always have an expert in the field required.

    Ms Child, Cohen Cramer Solicitors - November 2016.
  • Extremely prompt responses and case very well managed.

    Mr Atkinson, Freeman & Co Solicitors - April 2017.
  • The expert witness was easily contactable and diligent in his work.

    Mr Mather, Patterson Law Solicitors - June 2017.
  • Mr Tarpey was very knowledgeable about this subject and explained well.

    DI Everest, Police Scotland – August 2017.
  • Julian Dunnill was incredibly helpful and knowledgeable. I will definitely recommend him as an expert.

    Ms Duong, 23 Essex Street – October 2017
  • Easy contact via secure email.

    Ms Hair, Hunt & Coombs Solicitors - April 2016.
  • Well established reputation for forensic work.

    Mr Reid, Gerard Maguire Solicitors – October 2017
  • Quick, efficient, approachable expert (Mr Fagan), with excellent communication skills.

    Ms Duke, Davison Flynn Duke Solicitors – January 2018
  • Very prompt attention to email correspondence.

    Ms Hughes, Hughes Murphy Solicitors - August 2016.
  • I would not hesitate both to use and recommend Mr Armstrong again.

    Mr Baker, Howell & Co Solicitors - June 2016.
  • What is particularly helpful is the opening of other avenues of enquiry which hadn't been previously considered.

    Ms Cath McClenan, Paisleys Solicitors - June 2017.
  • Mr Prime was very fair and provided assistance beyond the report.

    Ms Nicholson, Kellocks Solicitors – August 2017.

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